Killzone 2 : Opening Cinematic

I’ve worked as a character modeler on this cinematic by Axis Animation. I’ve done the Scolar Visari face model and detailed some other busts (the three main characters in the beginning) on the cinematic with Zbrush.

Here is a feature about the cinematic which you can read the making of it and see some screenshots of the Scolar Visari head model:
And here is the cinematic.  I advice you to see it in HD.

Funny Rumour : My Tigerman became Panthro from Thundercats

Today i’ve found out a funny internet rumour about one of my models which i think is worth to share on my blog.

It seems that somebody put one of my model’s screenshots on a blog or a forum and told people that it’s the preliminary design of Panthro from Warner Bros’ upcoming Thundercats movie.

God! That would be awesome of course. Who doesn’t want his design to be a main character in a feature animation 🙂

But this is just a rumour and unfortunately not true. It was just a personal 3d portfolio piece which i called as Tigerman.

On the other hand, this news made me thinking to work on that design to finish the whole body of that character. And as people all like that character by thinking it as Panthro, i’ll probably continue this piece to make it Panthro from Thundercats.

Here are some links to the rumour:–1331-p.html

And here is my mentioned model =)

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