Ata – WIP update#1

I am sculpting an Ataturk bust.. Model and textures are still wip and needs lots of details and revision. The image is a Zbrush screenshot.

A few years ago i have modelled a younger Ataturk  for a project, but it was not quite accurate.

Now with the help of some nice pictures  with correct proportions which i have found over internet,  i will try to make my model accurate as much as possible.

( For those who don’t know Ataturk,  he is the founder of  Turkish Republic. )


I think it’s a good idea to share some hourly or daily sculpts to keep this blog alive.

Sculpted from a cube in Zbrush 3. Worked a few hours on it.  Most of the details are loose and need to be revised.

Not sure about the teeth of this model.  I will probably add lips when i revisit this model.

African American Beauty

I am working on some new personal models nowadays.  Resemblance models, body models, female portraits  etc..
I want to keep most of them secret until they are near to final look.

One of them will be a portrait of an african american beauty.  There is not any main reference used, so hopefully she won’t look like anybody in real life.

This image is a cut from the ZBrush render which i try different makeup and hair styles in PS.